DHC has a litigation team consisting of many experienced litigators working at all levels of court (from the Court of Quebec to the Supreme Court of Canada), including quasi-judicial or administrative tribunals.

DHC has developed a particular expertise in administrative law as well as extraordinary remedies such as injunctions, mandamus and judicial review.

Our litigation team is accustomed to and well versed in collegiality and multidisciplinary litigation involving experts and consultants from a wide range of areas in litigious matters of any size and scope.

The DHC team is also active in alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences and conciliation. Since a negotiated solution is always preferred over court proceedings, our lawyers are able to guide and advise you adequately through the various types of out-of-court settlement procedures, resorting to litigation only as a last means of remedy.

Our areas of intervention


    • Bodily and material damages

    • Civil and contractual liability

    • Professional liability

    • Defamation and reputational damage


    • Hidden and latent defects

    • Legal hypothec

    • Claim for additional work

    • Remedies against the surety


    • Hypothecary remedies

    • Passing of title

    • Servitude

    • Landlord/tenant disputes

    • Security


    • Shareholder disputes

    • Dissolution and liquidation of a business

    • Oppression remedies (minority shareholders)

    • Franchisor/franchisee relations

    • Non-solicitation and non-competition


    • Injunction

    • Mandamus

    • Judicial review

    • Annulment remedies

    • Application for declaratory judgment (note: this is not an extraordinary remedy, but it is inserted here for convenience)


    • Representation before the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires

    • Representation before the Régie de l’énergie

    • Representation before l’Office national de l’énergie


    • Tribunal administratif du Québec

    • Commission des droits de la personne

    • Commission d’accès à l’information

    • Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux


    • Representation before professional disciplinary committees

    • Illegal practice

    • Illegal advertising